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Failure Analysis
Air compressor oil leakage in the day-to-day operation of the air compressor, often, appearance lubricant overflow.
Air compressor oil spill cause of the malfunction:
Oil seal off or seal defects oil spill.
The spindle Songkuang lead to oil seal leak.
Combined surface leakage into the return pipe joints loose.
4 belt install tight main bearing wear.
5, casting or machining defects can also cause air compressor oil leakage.
Air compressor oil leakage judgment and troubleshooting:
1, air compressor oil spills, to observe the oil seal parts, check oil seal cracks, inner lip with or without cracking or flanging. One of the above should be replaced;
Compressor Solution
The following brief under screw compressors solve common faults:
Boot machine does not load: adjust the pressure switch setting value or replace the pressure switch, check or replace the solenoid valve; 2. Machine does not start: Check the main switch and power cord, check the motor; compressor high temperature protection shutdown: improving the environment ventilation, cleaning, or cleaning coolers, add oil to the specified location, replace the oil filter; fuel consumption too much: according to the recommended oil, lower oil level to its normal position, remove return line cleaning...... ...[查看详细]
Clear the Scale
.We can learn from the day-to-day life approach to cleaning scale physical removal and chemical methods, these two methods are just as effective in cleaning up the scale of the air compressor cooler.
Physical removal method: physical methods with a wire brush or with iron Si Zhabu strip drag back and forth within the tube, the tube scale eliminated. Chemical methods: chemical methods, according to the scale, generally the characteristics of the alkaline substance, washed with dilute hydrochloric acid scale dissolved away but the acid content is not too high, ....

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